2015 Goals

  • Run 2,015 Miles – This goal is fairly simple to explain and probably more difficult to attain. 38.75 miles per week average will get me to 2015 for the year.
    • Through Week 20 – 936.5 Miles – 161.5 Miles Ahead of Pace
  • Climb 3 Everests – First, let me clarify I do not plan on actually climbing Mt. Everest. I am using Everest as a unit of measurement for vertical gain, 29,029 ft. To reach this goal I have to run 87,087 ft of elevation gain during the year. That breaks down to 1,675 ft of gain per week.
    • Through Week 20 – 39,390 ft – 5,895 ft Ahead of Pace
  • Do 100,000 Push Ups – Counting push ups and trying to reach this goal is a great way to make sure I am doing all the strength training I need as I mix push ups into my regular running related strength program. Therefor if I reach this goal, I can be confident my Glutes, Hips, and Core are strong enough to allow me to run healthy and happy.
    • Through Week 20 – 28,245 Push Ups – 10,217 Behind Pace

I will try and update this page weekly for progress.


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