Vacation Recap – Montreal Running

I have not posted in over two weeks as I was on a two week vacation. The vacation started by flying in to Montreal where we stayed a few days before getting on a cruise ship. The cruise had stops in Quebec City, Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island), Sydney (Nova Scotia), Halifax (Nova Scotia), and Bar Harbor (Maine) before we disembarked in Boston. After we left the ship we spent a few days in Boston before returning home late Tuesday night. I have went through my pictures and seem to have enough to do individual posts for most of my runs so I am using this post as a recap of the training for the entire run and then the pictures from running in Montreal.

I was out of town for 13 days and was able to get in 7 runs for a total of 66.7 miles. In addition we went on cycling tours 3 days and rode a total of around 50 miles. Lastly, when on vacation we prefer to explore on foot. This was no different and I would estimate that we walked at least 6-8 miles a day and a lot of that was carrying my 3 year old son. In total, I was very tired even though I felt like I was not training hard enough for my rapidly approaching 100k.

5.29.15 – Around Sunrise

60 degrees and very nice out

9.2 Miles – 1,027 ft verticlal gain


I woke up early before my family was up and set out to see how much of the city I could see via running. I knew I wanted to run up Mont Royal so I immediately headed in that direction. It was nice and early in the morning so there was barely anyone out which always makes for nice pictures.

VIRB0130 VIRB0133

Mont Royal has a lot of different options to get up/around it. There are trails, stairs, and a crushed gravel path that switch-backed its way up the climb. I tried to explore as much as I could and found myself on all the above.

VIRB0136 VIRB0144 VIRB0151 VIRB0157 VIRB0162 VIRB0164

Mont Royal is the highest point in Montreal and thus offers amazing views of the city.

VIRB0171 IMG_20150529_0254386_rewind

After I ran back down the mountain I set out back through downtown in search for a canal I had heard about that was nice for running. On my way there I realized I had dropped my room key somewhere and now had no way to get back into my hotel if my family decided to leave the room before I returned. I thought it would be wise to cut my run a little short and head back. I was able to get in over 9 miles but it was short of the 13-15 I was hoping for.


Later in the day after seemingly walking the entire city I made the trek back up Mont Royal with the family. At the top they had some nice in bloom flowers and my son was sweet enough to pose for a picture.

Posting Saturday will be a recap of my runs in Quebec City and on the cruise ship treadmill. Followed by run recaps of Prince Edward Island and Sydney, Nova Scotia on Sunday. Finally on Monday, I will post about running around Boston.


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