Running on a Cruise Vacation – Quebec City and Ship Day

5.31.15 – Afternoon

9 Miles – 956 ft vertical gain

In the morning before this run, my beautiful wife, my son, and I went on a bicycle tour to MontMorency Falls. It was about 15-18 miles of riding plus a walk over and around the falls area which was very beautiful. We have yet to upload the pictures off our DSLR camera so I do not have a picture to share of this but it was a good morning. I had a couple hours to kill before the ship left port so I went for a run the opposite direction of the bike ride to see what I could explore.

The ship docked on the Saint Lawrence River and most of the city sits atop a pretty impressive cliff in the area. I began running on a bike path along the river before seeing a stairway that climbed up the couple hundred foot cliff and that was where the fun began.


At the top I discovered these trails that I believe by the signs are primarily used as snow shoe/ski trails but they were fun to run.


There was mud and roots to slow me down but I was loving being on trails after spending the night confined to a cruise ship.

VIRB0193 VIRB0199

I do not know how long the trails go on but after a mile or so the trails abruptly were fenced off and closed which forced me to climb a little more up to a park. I am unsure if it was regular trail maintenance or maybe a mud slide type thing but it was clear even though I could not read the French signs that some type of danger was being warned.


The old city is walled in and it is clear that this would have been a amazing defensive position for anyone attacking. This position could have fired down on anyone approaching via boat in the river and any ground troops would have to make a very difficult climb up a steep slope to get to the defending forces.


VIRB0220 VIRB0223 VIRB0229 VIRB0232

After exploring a bit I found my way back to the staircase and back down the river.

VIRB0247 VIRB0250Overall I really like Quebec City. They have an impressive amount of bike paths  and I was told that they double as ski paths in the winter.

6.1.15 – Afternoon

Treadmill run due to day on boat sailing to our next destination.

7 miles at average 4% grade.

Treadmills are always my last resort. However, I had an hour to get in a run so I took advantage by doing a workout on the treadmill. My one comment is that it was frustrating that the view (the gym being on the top floor of the cruise ship with glass windows around) is completely blocked by the huge tv attached to the treadmill right in front of my face. I did not want to watch tv, I wanted to run and being able to see the view would have made it slightly better.


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