Running on a Cruise Vacation – Prince Edward Island and Sydney, Nova Scotia

6.2.15 – Afternoon

Cloudy and Cool

8.6 Miles

We rented a car and spent the morning driving around the island. It is a very pretty island but there was not a lot to do unless you are a fan of Ann of Green Gables. If I was by myself I could have made a day out of running exploring some of the areas but since this was a family vacation the car ride was the best solution.

After returning the rental car I had just over an hour to run. I asked the information desk at the visitor’s center where would be a good direction to head to run 12-15k and they looked at me like I was an alien. “I have never been asked that question before” was their response. When the answer to my follow up question, is there anywhere I would not want to run in a 12-15k distance, was answered with a no I set out to explore.


The plan was to stay along the water as I wanted to avoid the town and the traffic that would be there. I had a limited amount of time and wanted to get the most out of it.


I found a brick walkway by the water which lead me to a military base which detoured me through an old neighborhood.


Turning toward the water I then found a wooden boardwalk that followed the water for a little bit.


But that was too good to last and it ended in a really nice neighboorhood with decent sized houses with huge yards.


I followed the road for a while hoping it would open back up the water but it quickly became clear I was heading more into town. I made a turn back towards the ship.


I eventually found my way into the historic downtown area and found this huge 1864 sign. It was in reference to the Charlottetown Conference which was held in that year which was about forming a maritime union with the neighboring governments in the area.


VIRB0301 VIRB0307

After finding my way back to the port I still had about 20 minutes so I set back towards the boardwalk area and did a couple mile repeats to get some quality in.

6.3.15 – Around Noon

40 degrees, windy and raining

8.5 Miles

We had a plan to rent a car and take it to Fortress Louisbourg and spend the day walking around the site. However, we arrived and the weather was horrible. We cancelled the rental car and attempted to walk the few blocks to the local street for some shopping. We made it a block and a half before retreating back to the ship.

This gave me a chance to get a run in. I set out for the run without a plan as I had not planned on having the time to run in this port. I apologize for the pictures being blurry as it was hard to keep anything dry.


There was a boardwalk heading along the water by the ship that looked like a good direction to head. If I would have looked at a map I would have known this lead into the town and was not a great route but that is all in hindsight.


The board walk only lasted a mile and then quickly I was greeted by this.


This forced me up on a busy street where I ran and searched for somewhere decent to run.


I found a road leading up a hill and took a chance and it only lead into a neighborhood which lead to a highway.


At this point I had run about 4 miles out and was miserable. The wind was blowing so hard it was filling up my soft shell and making me a human parachute. I was cold and wet and decided to make my way back to the ship.


The above picture is the claim to fame. A giant fiddle. If I would have prepared I would have seen that there were many parks within running distance that most likely would have lead to a better time. Unfortunately I chose a bad direction from the port and the result was not pretty.


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