Running on a Cruise Vacation – Disembarking and Running in Boston

The last two stops on the cruise were some of my favorites. Both would have been great places to run. However, the family activities I had planned took up the entire day in port both days so there was no running. We did cycling in both Halifax, Nova Scotia and Bar Harbor, Maine and both areas were very enjoyable. I especially liked Bar Harbor. I would be very pleased if I could return to the area at some point for a few days and get to explore the entire island. It had nice forests, decent climbs, and great remote trails. The town of Bar Harbor was also very cool with a few breweries and a few streets of interesting shopping.

We disembarked the cruise ship Saturday and had 3 days in Boston. I ran two of the days.

6.7.15 – At Sunrise

60 degrees and perfect

12 miles

Our hotel was by Fenway Park near the Charles River. My plan was to run down to the river and then head towards downtown. That would only be a few miles so then I would explore and see where it took me.


I was able to catch an amazing sunrise once I got to the river.

IMG_20150607_0518158_rewind IMG_20150607_0534334_rewind IMG_20150607_0540220_rewind

After getting to the Garden I headed toward the Harbor Walk area and explored there a bit.

IMG_20150607_0557198_rewind IMG_20150607_0559482_rewind

From walking around the day before I knew of a greenbelt area which would be a nice run through downtown.

IMG_20150607_0602241_rewind IMG_20150607_0604211_rewind IMG_20150607_0607157_rewind IMG_20150607_0607563_rewind

Weaving my way back through downtown I found myself at Boston Common and ran through it and Boston Gardens.

IMG_20150607_0616236_rewind IMG_20150607_0617008_rewind

From there I made my way to Copley Square. It was unusual to see it so empty, a perk of running so early on a Sunday Morning.


There was no one out so I stood in the middle of the road at the Boston Marathon finish line.


From there it was on to Fenway Park.


I finished with a loop around a park and then back to the hotel to get ready for the day. We had tickets to the game at Fenway but first we walked over the Harvard bridge and explored MIT Campus a bit.


Then we saw the Red Sox come from behind to win from the second row.


Monday was spent exploring the city once again. We went to the Children’s Museum and it was amazing. My son had a blast. From there we walked to Beacon Hill for lunch, then walked down Newbury Street for some shopping. That evening we took a cab over the river to Harvard Square and had dinner there. It was a great day of sightseeing with the family.

We flew out of Boston on Tuesday so I got up early for one more chance to run while on vacation.

6.9.15 – At Sunrise

65 degrees and humid for a desert runner

12.5 Miles

The plan was to take the Harvard Bridge over the river and explore Cambridge.

VIRB0343 VIRB0346 VIRB0355

Running along the river offered some nice skyline views.


On an early Tuesday morning post commencement the streets of Cambridge were very quiet. I ran directly down the middle of a lot of them.


I found my way to Harvard Yard and weaved my way through.

VIRB0367 VIRB0373


After exploring a bit I found myself back down to the river and took it down until the Museum of Science and crossed over there to return back on the Boston side.


I amazed at how much of a running city Boston is. I can run for hours on a Saturday morning at home and see a handful of runners. I ran early on a Tuesday morning in Boston and am not exaggerating when I say that I saw hundreds of runners out. It was very impressive.


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