Site Change – Please Read

I started this blog not knowing if it was something I would actually enjoy and keep up. In doing so I only started with the free version on and did not purchase the url, even though it was available at the time. Over the last half of a year I have really enjoyed what I do on the blog. However, due to the sizes of the images I upload, even after running them through compression, I am quickly going through the allotted space that WordPress offers in the free version.

I had a decision to make, if I was going to keep this up for more then a few more months I was going to either have to upgrade through WordPress or find another hosting option to continue the site. I decided that upgrading would be best, as I would not have to redo or lose the posts I already have. When I went to upgrade I discovered that since starting this someone had bought and their asking price was too high for where I am currently at with this blog. Since I could not have the url for the name I had chosen, it opened up all possibilities going forward.

After a lot of research and contemplation I have decided to change the name of the blog and change to a different host. I am able to keep the layout of the blog as well as transfer over all existing content. In addition, will stay up, I will just no longer be updating it.

That was all just a long way of explaining this, This will be my site going forward and I would love it if you have been enjoying my posts to follow me over as I will continue to bring you new posts and race reports. I have yet to figure out the best way to add a subscription service if anyone would like to subscribe, but that will be coming shortly. Until then please bookmark or remember the url,

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to see you all over at the new site.


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